Professional Soft Tissue Injury Treatment in Horsham

Soft tissue injuries establish themselves in a number of ways. From overuse injuries, strains, pulls and twinges through to chronic muscular injuries and more, they each need to be treated appropriately.  

Fortunately for you, there is a solution. By choosing Barry Cooper Myotherapy and his soft tissue injury treatments, you can begin to improve your condition and strengthen your muscles through myotherapy.

What is myotherapy?

In short myotherapy is the treatment of muscular dysfunction. There are a wide range of elements to myotherapy which are used to improve any particular muscular complaint.

A professional myotherapist is able to assess and diagnose the soft tissue injury and create a treatment plan. This will include a number of muscle release techniques (MRT) and massage practices to restore the muscles to their previous pliability, flexibility and comfort.

How can myotherapy help soft tissue injuries?

Your muscles are not terminally painful. There are many things you can do. Following an assessment with Barry Cooper Myotherapy you can begin the pathway towards healthier, easier movement.

Whether you have stiff joints, a nagging pain, numbness in a particular muscle, tight muscles, fatigue or anything else, you could benefit from soft tissue injury treatment.

To book your initial consultation with Barry Cooper Myotherapy and to start moving towards a pain-free and mobile reality, get in contact today.