Recover With a Massage From Our Professional Massage Therapist

Are you suffering from back pains or achy joints? Suffered a sports injury while working out? These issues could be a long lasting problem unless you treat them with effective treatments like our massage services.


Barry Cooper has years of experience providing people with massage treatments. From recovering from injuries to improving your body’s circulation, massages are one of the best ways to get your body working at its best.


With expert knowledge of the structural and functional aspects of the body, Barry Cooper knows the exact area to target to alleviate your problem. Enhance how your body feels and moves with a great massage.


Why choose our massage therapist for your next massage?


Barry takes into account every aspect of your health & activities to work out the best solution to your issues. Whether you’re a professional athlete or an office worker, our massage treatments are catered to your requirements.


Over the years, Barry has developed a strong knowledge of the anatomical structure, and has developed skills in palpation of the soft tissue to accurately diagnose the cause of the muscular conditions. The end goal is to enhance posture, movement and flexibility in the patient.


Get an exceptional massage and get back to exercising with the help of the Myotherapy Clinic.


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