Not Just for Women: Massage Therapy Offers Benefits to All​

Men are tough and we’re proud of it. From the moment a man is born they’re taught that “men don’t cry” and when we’re hurt to just “rub some dirt on it.” Given our typical upbringing, many men wouldn’t think of seeking out massage therapy to help with the aches and pains of life. In reality, when massage therapy is provided by a professional it can be used to not only relax the body, but also assist in the body’s healing process and provide relief from chronic ailments.


There are over 80 different approaches to massage therapy, with each approach offering different techniques and benefits. While promotional pamphlets and television commercials market massage therapy toward women, massage therapy’s varying techniques can benefit both sexes. Each massage therapy technique involves manipulating the muscles and soft tissue of the body with fingers, hands, elbows, or even feet. The amount of pressure and length of treatment will differ from technique to technique, providing different benefits along the way.


Sports Massage

Most people have probably heard of Sports massage therapy. This type of treatment involves a combination of long, kneading strokes and shorter, rhythmic taps to target the top layer of muscles. These massage strokes can also be combined joint movement in some treatments, though it could depend upon the needs of each client and the provider.


The overall goal of most Sports massage treatments is to relieve muscle tension and provide repair and recovery to the tissue. Many clients will also feel a renewed sense of energy after a Sports massage. 


Deep Tissue Massage

Another well-known form of massage therapy is deep tissue massage. This approach involves using slow, deliberate strokes to target deeper layers of muscle as well as tendons and soft tissue inside the body. The goal of deep tissue massage therapy for most clients is to gain relief from irritating and chronic areas of pain. This pain can be the result of an injury, tension, or aging in the body.


Soft Tissue Massage Therapy

This approach to massage therapy is a more technological approach to massage that uses soft tissue manipulation to target underlying problems in various areas of the body. The most common use of Soft tissue therapy is to address muscle tension, circulation, and nerve compression inside the body to provide relief. It can also be used to relieve pain and treat problems resulting from issues with posture as well as biomechanical issues stemming from repetitive movements.


Beyond the specific benefits mentioned above, massage therapy has a lot to offer individuals beyond simple relaxation and relief. While massage therapy cannot cure the issues mentioned above, it has been shown to help patients cope suffering from chronic headaches, anxiety, arthritis, and even the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Before writing off massage therapy as simply relaxation, stop and consider the wide array of benefits it can offer men and women alike. 

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