Get Back to Exercising With a Sports Massage

When it comes to fitness, you always aim to give it your best every time you exercise. However, an unexpected sports injury can slow you down and make exercising painful and uncomfortable for days or even weeks.


Barry Cooper understands the best way to treat musculoskeletal issues, like muscle train and sports injuries, is with a deep tissue massage. Using professional techniques and expert knowledge, Barry can identify the areas that are causing you trouble and get you back to your old self.


Sports massages can help improve your body’s circulation and ease the tension in your muscles, allowing you to keep exercising at peak performance.


Benefits of getting a sports massage


From stiff joints to sports injuries, sports massages can help speed up your recovery and make you feel great again. By targeting the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues, Barry’s sports massages can break up scar tissue from sports injuries.


Sports massages can also help to treat various conditions caused by playing sports, such as tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury and more. No matter your lifestyle or occupation, Barry can develop a bespoke massage treatment that will treat your specific injury.


Get on track to recovering from your sports injury by booking a sports massage from the Myotherapy Clinic.


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